Correcting and Preventing Wrongful Convictions in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Sample Letter to Virginia’s Governor Kaine

Text for Sample Letter:

The Honorable Timothy Kaine
State Capitol, 3rd Fl.
Richmond, VA 23219
Dear Governor Kaine:

I recently learned about the plight of the Norfolk Four. These four men, who are so clearly innocent, deserve to have their names cleared and their freedom restored to them, so that they can begin to put their lives back together. Before they were mistakenly accused and convicted of this terrible crime, all four had served in the Navy. They deserve better from our country and from the Commonwealth of Virginia. I am writing to urge you to quickly grant an absolute pardon to Danial Williams, Joseph Dick, Eric Wilson, and Derek Tice.

I understand that the real killer, Omar Ballard, has confessed to the police and testified under oath that he committed this crime alone. I understand that all the physical evidence points to only one perpetrator, Omar Ballard. And I understand that Omar Ballard’s DNA matches the DNA of the rapist who murdered the poor victim in this case. Why are three of these men still in prison and the fourth required to register as a sexual offender when it is so obvious that a terrible mistake has been made?

You are the only person who has the power to fix this mistake. I know having that power is an awesome responsibility, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to do justice. Justice is long overdue for the Norfolk Four. Over a year has passed since they filed their pardon requests. I hope that you will immediately grant their requests, give them an absolute pardon, and let them start on the journey of repairing their lives.

(your name)