Correcting and Preventing Wrongful Convictions in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Thomas Haynesworth

Photo by Jay Paul - For The Washington Post

After 27 years of proclaiming his innocence, Thomas Haynesworth was finally released from Greensville Correctional Center on Monday, March 21, the morning of his 46th birthday. However, until he is fully exonerated, he will be not free.

As an 18-year-old boy living in Richmond, he had no criminal record. Rather, he was a music fanatic and family-oriented young man who was picking up sweet potatoes for his mother when he was mistakenly identified as the man who had attacked five women in the area in January and early February of 1984. February 5 marked the 27th anniversary of his wrongful incarceration for three convictions involving rape and sexual assault.

In 2009, DNA testing proved Haynesworth innocent of one of the rapes and also confirmed that Leon Davis — a notorious serial rapist who called himself the Black Ninja — actually committed the crime. Unfortunately, no DNA evidence remained in Haynesworth’s two remaining convictions, but DNA testing in a case where he was acquitted also cleared Haynesworth and implicated Davis, who was charged with a series of rapes occurring between April and December of 1984 and is serving seven life sentences.

After a thorough review of the crimes with its co-counsel at the Innocence Project and Hogan Lovells US LLP, as well as the Commonwealth’s Attorneys in the two jurisdictions where Haynesworth was convicted, it became clear that the two remaining convictions matched the very distinctive modus operandi of Davis. Moreover, the DNA results prove that multiple women mistook Haynesworth for Davis and that Davis was committing rapes in January of 1984. Finally, at the request of the Commonwealth’s Attorneys, Haynesworth took and passed two polygraph examinations about the two remaining convictions.

Based on that compelling evidence of innocence, both Commonwealth’s Attorneys and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli agreed to support Haynesworth’s petition for Writ of Actual Innocence, which was filed on February 3. And on February 15, the Commonwealth filed an answer to the petitions, asking the court to vacate Haynesworth’s convictions and set him free.

On Friday, March 18, the Virginia Parole Board announced that Gov. McDonnell revisited the possibility of parole for Thomas, which was denied last June, and had requested he be released. Haynesworth walked out of prison just three days later, but with two convictions still remaining, he is far from free. He will remain registered as a sex offender and under strict parole statutes until he is fully exonerated, a harsh reality for a man who lost nearly three decades of his life to wrongful conviction.

Oral arguments in the Virginia Court of Appeals occurred on March 30, and it may take six to eight weeks for a decision to be issued. Having the support of two prosecutors and the attorney general is incredibly unusual, and MAIP is hopeful that the court will take that into account, fully exonerate Haynesworth, and allow him to rebuild his life as the innocent man he is widely known to be.

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