Correcting and Preventing Wrongful Convictions in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

In Their Words

MAIP works tirelessly to give a voice to those who can’t speak up for themselves. In celebrated times, that voice helps innocent men and women walk free in a timely manner. In others, those same men and women remain in prison for years and sometimes even decades waiting for an answer that may or may not ever come. But regardless the outcome, their voices must be heard.

Through their stories, meet those who have been directly affected by wrongful conviction and have spent years working to reverse them: the lawyers, the detectives, the families, the friends, the advocates, the reporters, and, of course, the innocent.

Steve Bright, civil rights attorney at the Southern Center for Human Rights
R.E. (Trip) Chalkley, III, prosecutor of one MAIP client and defense attorney of another
Tony Goldwyn, Director of the film Conviction
Sig Libowitz, white collar defense attorney as Venable LLP
Sam Rockwell, who plays the wrongfully convicted Kenneth Waters in Conviction
Jim Trainum, former cold case homicide detective
Betty Anne Waters, who put herself through law school to save her brother’s life